Facebook to the rescue … A few random thoughts.

Life is tenacious

Face book will transform the world.

The only thing we get out of life is a journey through it. Every life is different. Some lives don’t make it out of the womb while others last for over 100 years. No single life is more important than any other, at least to the one person who counts most to you, yourself. Nobody has the answer to life, or death, yet.

Those with the most are not usually the happiest. Cheaters always prosper no matter how briefly they retain their ill-gotten gains. Those without a conscience have no sense of justice.

Those thoughts above bring me to my point.

Religion is losing its grip over the masses. Science changed the foundation under religion and church leaders have stuck too long to a dubious past. Once you get past the rhetoric of church dogma the baloney behind the pulpit is laid bare.

To start with, there is no Mount Olympus; never was. Therefore, no gods came down from on high to fornicate with our women and leave behind a godly lineage. Every one of us is as close to God as the next person. No one has a shortcut to heaven up his sleeve or in his genes. (jeans either)

Mankind will drift sideways until a suitable replacement for controlling the “masses” is in place, filling the gap created by the declining influence of the church. Blinders are coming off the sheep, and church sheep are being blinded by the light. Beware when the masses finally become Aware.

Facebook will transform the world. Facebook is the tool to accomplish worldwide change by connecting people to people everywhere across the globe,  Thank you Mark Zuckerberg! You may have saved the planet from becoming overrun by the worst among us instead of the best. Facebook will single-handedly do more to restore trust between humans, and faster, and across all borders planet wide, than any mobilizing force ever imagined.

As John Lennon once said, “Imagine”. Facebook, by connecting the world with one single ideal, has the potential to be the glue to bind all people together on one planet, living under one single atmosphere and joined together with a common purpose; to help each other.

Rave On Humanity!


3 thoughts on “Facebook to the rescue … A few random thoughts.

  1. Some interesting comments but what a take on facebook! Facebook and the general social network phenomenon are means by which people connect with one another in an extremely superficial way… but the idea that this is meaningful communication is not good. Real communication requires exposure of one’s emotional self in an immediate and dynamic manner – including the risk of being hurt and learning to resolve communication problems between us. That requires face to face ‘live’ communication – not hiding behind a keyboard or mobile phone. Facebook has arguably been responsible for suicides as a result of schoolchildren using it to bully those who are a little different. And don’t forget that that business has made all its profits from advertising… brainwashing its users into further consumerist behaviour on a planet where resources are running out fast and pollution – as a result of mankind’s industrialised means of production – is killing biodiversity at an accelerating rate. People have said that science, communism, LSD and all sorts of other things would transform the world. These things do have an impact but it’s very hard to say that that impact is necessarily to be considered as ‘good’. So maybe Facebook WILL transform the world, but for the time being it is hard to see what good it has done… unless you’re sucked in to its dogma just as you mentioned people once were with religion. You should get out more!

    • It is hard to overestimate the impact the cell phone distribution revolution is having in the world today. I probably should have included Twitter in my “transform the world” remark but my point is not about content. I agree that tweets are hardly worth reading. What is important is that people all over the globe now have access to current information and the means to share it. Regime changes through out the middle East are a direct result of the instant communication of events by phone. Facebook simply accelerates the flow of information across borders formerly closed to outside influences. The fact that, for the most part, conversations are superficial today is irrelevant to any future discussions which can turn serious in a heart beat. Advertising, for lack of a better word, has more power to spread our way of life by “brainwashing its users into further consumerist behaviour” than all the worlds’ armies have ever, or will ever have.

      • Not sure I fully get your reply…
        Yes the information revolution in general has improved communication capabilities but it has also increased censorship and eavesdropping – not only in the likes of North Korea but in so-called democratic nations that pretend to support freedom of speech. Whatever good has been achieved, I don’t think facebook is a very good example of how best to use that communication option. Like google and twitter, facebook harvests user data and sells it.
        Your last sentence seems out of keeping with the rest of your reply: don’t you realise that this enhanced and intrusive form of advertising (brainwashing), is leading people to embrace a consumerist model of life that the planet simply cannot sustain? That it is doing so with more power than all the worlds’ armies is not good, to put it extremely mildly!

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